Friday, March 5, 2010

exercise and schedules

First, I recommend that you have a schedule for your meals. Plan your meals ahead of time, so that when you go grocery shopping, you are looking for specific things to purchase for your meals and when you cook, you know what you will be eating instead of 'just grabbing anything.'
Plan your lunches, too, and, initially, I suggest that you measure and weigh your food. Milk 1% has about 100calories for every 8 ounces. That is alright, but, if you get a big glass of milk, you could be taking in a lot more calories than you think (12 oz is 150 calories and comsumes half of your meal quota -- 300 calories) Counting calories sucks. I know, but, initially, until you realize what portion size is, this is the best way to know what you are taking in each day. If you are going to be running around doing errands all day, take your lunch with you! It will help you not grab some of that caloric, cholesterolic, fatic (okay, so that's not a real word - but, you get my point) If you have to go fast food, of course try the sandwiches, but, be careful, the bread alone could set you back not just your lunch calories, but also a 'snack.' We'll talk about breads later, although, I'm pretty sure everyone knows that white bread is empty calories and multigrain and whole wheat is not only healthier, but provides necessary fiber to help make you 'regular.'
If counting calories is too cumbersome for you initially (or too much change all at once) then I recommend that you put your food on your plate. Set it down. Walk away for a minute. Come back to your plate. Is that how much you normally eat? Take 2 spoonfulls off the plate and then eat. Wait fifteen minutes after you finished your meal and decide if you still need those two spoonfuls.
Also, you should plan your exercise activities for the week. Look at your schedule, hubbie's schedule, the kids schedule and figure out when you can do it. If you have not exercised in a long time - like, more than two months, then start easy. Load up that ipod/mp3 player with some great songs and go for a walk for 20 minutes. Walk fast enough so that if you were trying to talk, you would feel like you had to put some extra effort into talking. You should be a little winded. Plan for 3 days for the first 3 weeks. Now, I will tell you what I did. We had a treadmill at home - BORING. It was winter in washington and it was raining, only choice I had at that time. BUT, I recorded the 'House' shows on the DVR and I watched 'House' while I walked on the treadmill. So, Hugh Laurie is partly responsible for getting me into shape ;)
I would also suggest, if you don't already, to take some vitamins. Initially if you want to, you can get Centrum or something like that, but, just keep in mind, that you get what you pay for. Most of the nutrients, in that ONE pill, will not be absorbed by your body. It may have the necessary percentage, but, it is not uniquely designed to be absorbed to full potential. Seriously think about Shaklee, Melaleuca, Juice Plus, GNC products, Arbonne. Okay, start researching the various products prices and talk to some people that have tried them. Shawn and I used the Melaleuca vitapacks for a long time and I could definately tell when I didn't take them. The problem was that we had a pack that we had to take in the morning and another pack at night. It was easy to forget. We now use the GNC packs and get a little extra OMega 3's, Vitamin C and a great combo of Glucosamine,Chondroitin and MSM.
So, before you move on, you should have an inspiration, a start date, current measurements and photos, a goal, a 'finish' date, a menu, an exercise schedule and starting to investigate vitamin brands.
And last, but not least, get out that reusable water bottle. Aluminum, whatever, but, clean it up and get it ready. You HAVE to drink water. Do not discount this. If your bottle holds 20 ounces, make sure you fill it up 4 times EVERY DAY (and drink it) I usually drink two in the morning before lunch and then two in the afternoon/evening. I only drink water now, and on a rare occassional I might have a few ounces of soda, but, initially I was a soda pop freak. Like, seriously, 4 soda's a day. I initially had to 'reward' myself. "If I drink this whole bottle of water, then I can have a soda." Then it was two bottles of water and I worked myself up to having a portion of a soda (because I don't really like the taste anymore) once every few weeks. I still get what I think is a craving, but, I don't get much of the soda down.
Okay, woo hoo. Get going! You are gonna look awesome!

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  1. OK so I am going to plan my 3 a week walking as I schedule next week tomorrow morning, GO ME! And GIVE UP MY DIET COKE< can't get there yet, K? (((hugs))) And going to GNC sounds like a good excuse to go to the mall tomorrow, LOL