Friday, April 2, 2010

starting week 4?

okay, as you are planning your exercise for next week, you should plan to do something different. Remember when I suggested getting some video's to do? Well, this will be the week to do them. I suggest maybe walking one day, and doing Pilates or Yoga or an aerobics class- just do something different. Try to get at least 25 minutes each day of some type of exercise - 4 days next week. This is Plautau time, meaning, this is when your body starts getting used to what you are doing and it stops making changes. so, change it up - keep your body guessing what you are gonna do to it.
Do you also remember earlier posts where we discussed how long it takes to learn a new habit? Yep, 3 - 6 weeks is when people tend to 'quit.' don't do it, don't quit. You have survived the last three weeks, your mind, soul and body will thank you as you continue on this journey. don't give up. We always underestimate what we are capable of, and believe me, you are capable of doing this. Enlist some help if you need to, ie, a work-out buddy and if you haven't had those 'fat pants' hanging somewhere that you can see them everyday - put them out for all their glory!!! Heck, take a picture of them with your cell phone and use it as wallpaper -whatever you gotta do. Stay motivated and think about the end of the process, not right now.
Make sure you are still eating and drinking plenty of water. Here is a little trick to switch to wheat breads and pasta's. Some of the pasta's are really good, but, I think it really depends on your own taste. so, you may have to try a few. But, we used 1/2 regular spaghetti noodles and 1/2 wheat noodles for a couple of meals then slowly added more wheat and less regular until we were using all wheat. Similar with the breads, start with wheat and work your way to the whole grains.
Easter is this weekend and if you are preparing your own feast, it is easy to try to work in the healthier versions of things, but, it's also easy to 'nibble' and 'taste test' Bring those fat pants and hang them in the kitchen while you are cooking !!!! if you are going to someone elses feast, I suggest you drink a lot of water and eat one of your snacks before you go. Yes, it's Easter, but you have been working too hard to blow all that you have done in just one day. Keep thinking about the big picture. don't deprive yourself. If you want to try all the offerings, just make sure they are in small amounts. Check back next week and we'll get you all ready for week #5. YEA!!!

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